Quality and environmental management


quality management

For the support of our continuous quality control processes, we maintain an in-house testing department with highly skilled and trained personnel. We can therefore carry out and certify our own analyses and verification checks, as well as ultrasonic (US) tests.

All checks are carried out in compliance with current standards and specific
customer requirements.

Additional tests, e.g. ascertaining the degree of purity, crack detection, etc. are handled by partner organisations with certified laboratories.

DELTA Qualitätsstahl GmbH understands the certification according to

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

as the foundation of quality management.


environmental management

DELTA Qualitätsstahl GmbH became ENVIROMENTAL MANAGEMENT ISO 14001 Certification!

The topic of how we handle our environment and resources is becoming ever more important. So much so, it has prompted us to subject even our new and modern company to the strict requirements of ISO 14001 ( Environmental management ).

Declaration of Principles for Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety

At Delta Qualitätsstahl, environmental protection and occupational health and safety are integral parts of all corporate processes. The management team and all staff set a high standard of environmental protection and occupational health and safety as a core objective. Its improvement is a shared task of all corporate functions. Our customers associate our name with quality, punctuality and respect towards the environment and occupational health and safety.



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The Company

The steel wholesaler DELTA Qualitätsstahl GmbH with headquarters in Dortmund, Germany, was founded on July 1, 1988. Over time, the company's stock range was continuously expanded and began specialising in certain areas. In addition to the later expansion of steel processing services, the storage area for round and semi-finished products underwent continuous expansion as well.



ISO 9001 | ISO 14001



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